Since our inception more than a decade ago, Hybrid Intelligence has been totally focused on value creation and getting things done for its customers in better ways than big software vendors and their associated implementers & consultants.  We will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that happens every step of the way.

"The Hybrid Intelligence team helped us design a solution that transformed our FP&A team's capabilities from basic reporting to delivering highly insightful analytics."

  Senior Brand Finance Manager

  Henkel North America

"Hybrid Intelligence was able to convey that they understood our business very well, and they retained the technical acumen to make it work."


  Mid-Size CPG Company

The back story of how we came to be is that we managed most of the Sales and Financial reporting for Unilever North America and the Americas at one time.  We had literally been pitched every viable business intelligence, data management, planning application, and platform on-the-market over the course of projects and initiatives.  All options were very expensive and required vast numbers of resources to implement, and permanent incremental staff of a significant number to manage once implemented.  And at the time, those solutions seemed largely lackluster and unexceptional, no matter how big the name behind it.

What we believed when we decided to quit and start up a company of our own more than a decade ago was that there must be a way all this could be done simpler, more succinctly, more cost effectively, and with a full-service structure that would give business users whatever help they needed to make sure the system was up every day, every question answered, and every problem resolved without having to go through layers of complexity and bureaucracy.  We had felt the exact frustrations business folks had--which were only getting worse rather than better with time and more complex technologies and solutions.  We were convinced there was a market value in better.

Better is achieved through actually living and breathing our founding values (summarized the most briefly as: Trusted Adviser, Value Creation, Getting Things Done, Flexibility, Outside the Box, and Hybrid Approach, which to us means, the best mix of what works).  We will go to extraordinary lengths to help your company succeed at solving hard problems--at every step of the process--so that you can thrive, build further from, and evolve from the value created.

Be sure to also check out our articles and company Instagram to glean further bits about what it is like to engage with Hybrid Intelligence.  Feel free to use our contact page if you would like to learn more or talk about your needs and whether there is a fit.  We will get back to you right away.  Hybrid Intelligence has customers from $15M to $20B in size, and we believe customers of any size can benefit and obtain value from the technologies upon which we focus.  

Why Choose Hybrid Intelligence?

We use our cumulative expertise and experience to automate and algorithmically produce the most value adding and complex recurring analytical needs of your organization, while retaining the flexibility for any ad hoc analysis you may need to perform.

Automate and augment that which Creates Value with Data

Often, data from your key systems is aligned differently and may not be enough on its own. We jointly manage the blending, enrichment, and augmentation of key data so you can harness your own data to its full analytical potential.

Blend and Enrich Data

We believe the best analytical results can be achieved by utilizing a combination of human and machine intelligence. We embed state-of-the-art machine learning methods and algorithms, where relevant, into both automating processes and assisting with and augmenting analysis and analytics.

Machine Learning Infused

Most analytic systems just “show” you data.  Our capabilities allow layering in application, planning, write-back, and other business-logic driven capabilities that let you do value enriching things on-the-fly with your data at a multi-user enterprise level.

The Power to Act on Data

Unlike large consulting or software companies, our specialization is focused on getting you up and running with transformative capabilities faster and more cost effectively than you ever thought possible.

Fast & Cost Effective

We go beyond any type of traditional implementation experience, while also continuing to provide you exceptional expert-level business and technical support in the proportions you need on an ongoing basis so that knowledge and expertise you need is never lost.

Get Consistently Great Service


Strategic Customer Partner / Solution Architect / CEO

Ken Angier

Ken's interests lie in technology's ability to transform from the simple to the complex and the role that can have on human decision-making and execution.  Before co-founding Hybrid Intelligence more than a decade ago, he held various business and IT roles throughout several mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures at Unilever and Georgia-Pacific.  Ken holds an MBA with a focus on Marketing and Information Systems from NYU Stern School of Business and a B.A. in Psychology from the the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Jessica Angier

Strategic Customer Partner and EVP

Jessica co-founded Hybrid Intelligence more than a decade ago due to her lifelong interest and talents with all things data.  Previously, she was responsible for sales and trade investment reporting systems at Unilever, and prior to that, as part of product development at RSi Retail Solutions, she was integral to the launch of that company's advanced analytics library.  Jessica is engaged in bringing the state-of-the-art of modern and leading-edge analytic methods to Hybrid Intelligence at the NYU Stern School of Business in the M.S. in Business Analytics program and holds a B.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of Rhode Island. 

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