Analysis and Analytics

Ready Data

Whether extraction from an ERP, supporting business application, an obscure little-known mainframe system pre-dating relational databases, or an external data source, we assess the "how", then build the process to get this data ready for your high-velocity decision making needs from one-time to daily to intra-day update frequencies.  From automated algorithmic loading, cleansing, and enrichment to applied machine learning classifications to data warehousing, we will get your data analysis and analytics ready and make the process repeatable.


Transform Data

into Insight with Agility

Win within, then extend beyond.  Each company and each function has its myriad pain points that can be made better with a range of simple to complex solutions.  We help you to walk before you run, and determine, prove, and deploy the right reporting, analysis, analytic or other solution that is fit for purpose, agile, and allows for adapting at speed to maximize potential value while keeping it cost-effective, balanced, and useful when it is needed, then expandable and extensible when the time is right.  We add in Machine Learning and AI if it is relevant for automation or prediction and where we can apply and achieve tangible results by utilizing a combination of human and machine intelligence.

Take Action on

the Data and Insights

From insights comes action.  That becomes possible with the right design alignment to your business.  Planning and other areas of doing something with data and insights is a vital business process which translates from and into business strategy and further into execution and financial results.  We custom-tailor planning and other analytically intelligent data-driven applications that help you craft compelling narratives to ensure insights resonate with those to which they are delivered, execute, plan, link to key internal metrics, and utilize the insights in relevant processes and areas of your business and systems.

Let Us Show You How

Let us earn your trust while demonstrating the value creation potential.  Limited scope engagements that allow for your company to learn about how we work, the value we can help you create, and the pre-built and custom-tailored solutions and services that may make a compelling case for your organization's strategic or tactical needs:

  • Analysis and Analytics Readiness Assessment

  • Planning and Forecasting

  • Data, Analysis, and Analytics Strategic Visioning and Roadmapping

  • Digital Initiative and Transformation Assessment and Opportunity Analysis

  • Applied Machine Learning / Deep Learning "Proof of Concept/Value"

  • Consumer Packaged Goods and Manufacturing Specialized Assessments

Additional Specialized


Some of our specialized rapid time-to-value solutions.

  • Augmented data management and analytics

  • End-to-end analysis solutions for Sales & Trade Spend Analytics, FP&A planning, reporting and analysis, and Supply Chain analysis

  • Planning & Forecasting

  • SAP Material Ledger analytics 

  • OEM "white label" embedding

  • Replace with full automation where your company may have manual or semi-manual processes

  • Business Intelligence "triage" - Have a project or system in dire need?  We can help fix it

  • Dashboards & Embedment


Outside the box.  Exactly what you need.  More than a decade in the business of data, analysis, and analytics allows us to offer options such as:

  • Unparalleled and exceptional business user support and technical service from experienced US-based resources

  • Active and passive monitoring of every technical process, including where overnight interfacing or processing occurs

  • Solutions hosted on our private technology stack in our data center, as a secure "hybrid" alongside your on-premise data center, as well as in the cloud.

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